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Practical Paying Part-Time Voice-Over, a guide for beginners on how to break into the voice over industry.

Practical, Paying, Part-Time Voice-Over is a guide for both beginners as well as those with some experience who want to explore the exiting world of voice-over.

There's a lot of confusion out there. Is it really as easy as some claim to get into this profession? Or, is it actually as difficult, not to mention costly? This guide cuts to the chase and explains what's really involved and what you can do right now with today's digital technology and changing economy to become a voice-actor.

Start living your dreams today.


- What it takes to break into the industry

- Home studios and what the real costs are

- Voice demos

- Marketing

- Acquiring talent agents

- Practicing and tips on auditioning

- Getting work, all over the world

- Unions and whether or not to join

- Pay-to-play audition sites

- Audiobooks

- Handling rejection

- Recording at commercial studios

- How money there is to be made

- How to just have fun doing voice-over!

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