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Open-Heart Surgery Under 50, an account of preparing for and recovering from a risky operation.

At the relatively young age of 49, I was told I had a rather dangerous situation with my heart that needed fixing sooner than later. I had both an aortic aneurysm and a damaged aortic valve. It was a ticking time bomb in my chest and only a matter of time. My only viable option was to undergo the most invasive and riskiest of procedures: Open-Heart Surgery.

The thought was daunting. Wasn’t I too young for this? I’d always enjoyed pretty good health. How had this been discovered and what had led up to the diagnosis? What was I to expect in the coming weeks and months? What did I end up experiencing? What has life been like afterwards?

While everyone’s story is unique, mine might help those who may be facing a similar situation to know what to expect and prepare for what’s ahead.

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